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Headed by 3 of the most experienced professionals in the industry, the leadership of Invetex has seen it all.

James McGuil
Team Spotlight

James McGuil: A Pillar of Financial Wisdom

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    Vice President

    With over 20 years in finance, James McGuil is the cornerstone of Invetex. His visionary strategies have been pivotal in shaping the firm's success.

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    Financial Strategist

    James's expertise in financial planning and investment management has guided countless clients towards financial stability and growth.

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    Community Leader

    Beyond finance, James is an active community leader, committed to fostering financial literacy and supporting local economic development.

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Guy Hawkins
Team Spotlight

Guy Hawkins: The Visionary Leader

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    President & CEO

    Guy Hawkins, the driving force behind Invetex, blends industry insight with innovative leadership to steer the company towards new heights.

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    Strategic Thinker

    His strategic thinking has revolutionized the way financial services are delivered, making Invetex a leader in client-centric solutions.

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    Inspiring Mentor

    Guy is not just a leader; he's a mentor who inspires his team to excel, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence at Invetex.

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Jente Williams
Team Spotlight

Jente Williams: The Operations Maestro

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    Chief Operations Officer

    Jente Williams, with her exceptional operational prowess, ensures Invetex runs like a well-oiled machine, delivering seamless services.

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    Process Innovator

    She excels in streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and introducing innovations that significantly benefit Invetex and its clients.

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    Team Builder

    Beyond her operational role, Jente is a master at team building, nurturing a collaborative and dynamic work environment that fosters growth and creativity.

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Why Choose Us

Discover the Invetex Difference in Financial and Legal Services

At Invetex, we redefine financial and legal advisory services by combining years of expertise with personalized strategies. Our dedication to understanding and addressing your unique needs sets us apart. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial and legal affairs are handled with precision, care, and a commitment to your success.

  • Tailored Financial Planning

    Our approach begins with understanding your financial landscape. We offer bespoke financial planning services, tailored to align with your goals and aspirations.

  • Comprehensive Legal Solutions

    Navigate the complexities of legal matters with our expert team. From compliance to dispute resolution, we offer a full spectrum of legal services to protect and empower you.

  • Strategic Wealth Growth

    Our wealth management strategies are designed to grow and protect your assets. We focus on creating sustainable, long-term growth plans tailored to your risk profile and financial objectives.

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